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About Alldo Tech

Excellent solution configuration supplier | Top laser marking system manufacturer | Professional R & D team | Extremely responsible after-sales team

If you are looking for a reliable laser marking machine, then you are already in the right place

Building the future

Alldo tech is a global leader in the manufacture and development of innovative marking, identification and traceability solutions.

The success of the Alldo Tech is based on providing solutions for all manufacturing industries with extensive expertise in the fields of aerospace, automotive standards and other industries.

Our group is dedicated to helping businesses grow and diversify while offering innovative personalization solutions with over 15 years of combined laser experience.

The combination of our breadth and length of marking experience, engineering excellence, and vision has created a customer centric organisation renowned for the highest levels of quality and durability.

We are on a mission to give companies to turn ordinary goods into priceless treasures while providing a unique buying experience to their customers.

Extremely durable

Alldo laser systems are known for the top quality standards.

Configuration expert

One-stop laser system solution, perfect configuration supplier.

After sales service

One-on-one problem solving by Alldo professional engineers.

Advanced R&D team

Alldo Tech’s technology that always keeps pace with the times.

Almost ‘0’ failure rate

The result of a perfect match between quality and system.

Continuous progress

Breadth and depth of techniques experience is incomparable.