Stationary CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Alldo stationary co2 laser marking machine img
co2 laser marking machine for glass cup img 2
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Alldo stationary co2 laser marking machine img
co2 laser marking machine for glass cup img 2
co2 laser marking machine for leather img 2
co2 laser marking machine for pvc img
co2 laser marking machine for phone case img 1
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Stationary CO2 laser marking machine is designed for direct marking of wood, leather, plastic, fabric, acrylic, paper, MDF, marble, PVC, etc.

If you are planning to do some thorough marking, then you should consider the split CO2 laser marking machine. It has one of the latest technologies to set you apart from the competition. It is only accurate to mention that competition has gotten rather stiff, and without the split CO2 laser marking machine, you might not be able to meet the complex demand. This product is built with enough technology to let you mark any type of metal. Once the mark has been placed, there is no erasing it. Affordability and durability are some of the aspects that make this your ideal asset to buy.

Type: Stationary CO2 laser
Model: AT-STC-1
Laser power: 20W/30W
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Marking speed: ≤7000mm/s
Marking area: 110x110mm
Work surface: 280x280mm
Lifting stroke: 550mm
Cooling method: Circulating air cooling
Positioning method: Red ray positioning
Lifter size: 60x120x600mm
Dimensions: 677x750x1430mm
  • This item is the best for etching plastics and other natural laser materials. This infers you won’t need to spend over and over for some of different applications to complete the work. With this marking machine, you complete all your work effortlessly.
  • Our items are painstakingly created to meet the dynamic, yet complex customer requests. Notwithstanding the idea of the main job, you don’t need to stress over re-arranging.
  • The speed is extraordinary, and we work consistently to guarantee that our customers get a smooth application experience. We comprehend that you are hoping to get more customers and rule most pieces of the market.
  • The best way to accomplish this is the point at which you can take care of business as quick as would be prudent. Alldo Tech produces Stationary Co2 Laser Marking Machines that perform forcefully to keep you up with the degree of rivalry. Our experts are always dealing with separating you from the challenge through both speed and selective precision.
  • The arrival on speculation (ROI) is the reasons organizations are begun. With our laser stamping machine, you can set aside and addition loads of benefits since we don’t sell them lavishly. The highlights are completely improved, and they accompany powerful parts that are intended to serve for a very long time conceivable.
  • At Alldo Tech, we accept that you possibly take full advantage of a benefit on the off chance that it is sturdy and doesn’t take up support cost from the income produced. This is the reason you need to confide in our items and make your venture while the stock keeps going.
  • Start our laser checking machines that arrive in a smaller plan for simple stockpiling and transportability. This is principally enlivened by the way that gadgets are decreasing, and there is no compelling reason to move around with enormous machines. Our frameworks are all around made to fit in the little space in your work zone.
  •  Even better, in the event that you have some work to do remotely, you can without much of a stretch fit the marking machine in the storage compartment of your vehicle and move with it to your new workstation.
  • Note that we are excited about subtleties so you won’t need to stress over fragile parts getting spoilt in the midst of transportation.
  • Your organization will doubtlessly accomplish its cutting objectives with our items that are exceptionally settled to cut and stamp even thick materials. All things considered, you won’t need to invest a great deal of energy attempting to accomplish a recommendable degree of precision as we influence the best innovation in our assembling procedure.
  • Most Stationary Co2 laser marking machines out there are not advanced, and regardless of whether they are, we generally get our work done to keep up our degree of inventiveness to look after great, involved acquaintances with organizations that depend on us for quality.

The Final Thought

The laser stamping industry is very powerful. You constantly should utilize the best items to win the dependability of customers. While doing this, the specialized group needs to liaise with different players so they find out about the new changes before coordinating them in the assembling procedure. In Alldo Tech, this is our key goal.

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