Split CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Alldo split CO2 laser marking machine img
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Alldo split CO2 laser marking machine img
co2 laser marking machine for phone case img 1
co2 laser marking machine for pvc img
co2 laser marking machine for phone case img 2
co2 laser marking machine for wood img
co2 laser marking machine for glass cup img 1
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Split CO2 laser marking machine is designed for direct marking of wood, leather, plastic, fabric, acrylic, paper, MDF, marble, PVC, etc.

Most users are usually asking for sturdy marking machines that they can use for a long time without reporting any glitches. It can be used to mark non-metal and some metals, and you can never erase its markings.

Today, clients no exactly what they are looking for, which is why you should secure products that can match the quality that the clients deserve. If you have strict deadlines to meet, just grab this Split Co2 Laser Marking Machine at get to work.

Type: Split CO2 laser
Model: AT-SPC-1
Laser power: 20W/30W
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Marking speed: ≤5000mm/s
Marking area: 110x110mm
Lifting stroke: 550mm
Cooling method: Circulating air cooling
Positioning method: Red ray positioning
Power cabinet size: 450x210x415mm
Lifter size: 60x120x600mm
  • The split CO2 laser marking machine is the best for engraving plastics and other organic laser materials. This implies that you will not have to budget time and again for some of other applications to get the work done.
  • With this marking machine, you get all your work done without breaking a sweat. Our products are carefully crafted to meet the dynamic, yet complex client demands. Regardless of the nature of the task at hand, you don’t have to worry about re-planning.
  • The speed is great, and we work always to ensure that our clients get a smooth application experience. We understand that you are looking to get more clients and dominate most parts of the market.
  •  The only way to achieve this is when you can get the job done as fast as possible. Alldo Tech produces Split Co2 Laser Marking Machines that perform aggressively to keep you up with the level of competition. Our technicians are constantly working on setting you apart from the competition through both speed and exclusive accuracy.
  • The return on investment (ROI) is the reasons companies are started. With our laser marking machine, you can save up and gain lots of profits because we don’t sell them expensively. The features are thoroughly improved, and they come with robust parts that are meant to serve for the longest time possible.
  • At Alldo Tech, we believe that you only get the most from an asset if it is durable and does not take up maintenance cost from the revenue generated. This is why you have to trust our products and make your investment while the stock lasts.
  • Get going with our laser marking machines that come in a compact design for easy storage and portability. This is mainly inspired by the fact that electronics are becoming smaller, and there is no need to move around with huge machines. Our systems are well crafted to fit in the small space in your work area.
  • Better still, if you have some work to do remotely, you can easily fit the marking machine in the trunk of your car and move with it to your new workstation. Note that we are keen on details so you will not have to worry about delicate parts getting spoilt amid transportation.
  • Your company will most likely achieve its cutting goals with our products that are highly established to cut and mark even thick materials. Still, you will not have to spend a lot of time trying to achieve a recommendable level of accuracy as we leverage the best technology in our manufacturing process.
  • Most Co2 marking machines out there are not very developed, and even if they are, we always do our homework to maintain our level of creativity to maintain good, long relationships with companies that rely on us for quality experience with our split CO2 laser marking machine.

The Final Thought

The laser marking industry is quite dynamic. You always must employ the best products to win the loyalty of clients. While doing this, the technical team has to liaise with other players so that they learn about the new changes before integrating them in the manufacturing process. In Alldo Tech, this is our key objective.

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