Crystal Laser Engraving Machine

Alldo Tech UV laser engraving machine for plastic, acrylic, glass, crystal, PVC, PCB etc.

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  • Crystal laser engraving
  • Crystal laser engraving
  • Crystal laser engraving
  • Crystal laser engraving
  • Crystal laser engraving

The crystal engraving machine can create many dots to form human images. This type of crystal engraving machine uses the imported air cooling laser system.  Due to crystal laser engraving machine’s various features and applications, it also can be called a crystal engraving machine.

Engraving a 3D crystal usually involves 3 steps. First, to engrave a 3D image from a 2D image, you must create a template! To do this, you have to convert your image to a 3D series of points that the laser engraving machine uses as a stencil for engraving, where the laser will engrave your image.

Secondly, align your crystal. Proper alignment, especially in a two-sided laser, is essential to ensure that the engraving looks its best.

Lastly, your crystal is ready for engraving. A UV laser  is aimed at each point individually and pulsed. Each pulse creates a tiny hole, or etch point, in the crystal. The energy at the end of the laser is what causes the distortion, allowing carving inside the crystal without damage to the outside surface. The final crystal laser engraving   also called a laser-induced damage image because the laser effectively damages the crystal inside.

Crystal laser engraving

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What Machines You Can Choose

  • Stationary UV Laser Engraver (AT-STUV-1)

Stationary UV laser engraver AT-STUV-1

The stationary UV laser engraver is fully designed to engrave acrylic, wood, other nonmetals and some metals adequately. This machine can work for long hours without affecting the quality of engraving on materials.

  • Stationary UV Laser Engraver (AT-STUV-2)

Stationary UV laser engraver AT-STUV-2

The stationary UV laser engraver can make high quality engraving a number of nonmetal materials such as acrylics, etc. This machine is safe and easy to operate. The stationary UV consumes less energy during use.

  • Split Type UV Laser Engraving Machine

Split UV laser marking machine AT-SPUV-1

The split UV laser marking machine is a sizable laser machine suitable for marking crystals, other nonmetals and some metals. This marking machine makes the best highlights on materials. It is simple, easy to move.

Don’t Know How to Choose the Crystal Laser Engraving Machine?

Choose the Top Technology for Crystal Marking and Engraving

High Speed & Stability
Achieving a marking speed of 8000mm per second, the marking will not freeze, and its stability.

Competitive Prices
Alldo Tech is a manufacturer with a competitive price and accepts worldwide agents.

Custom Different Depth
The standard equipment configuration can achieve a marking depth of 0.6mm.

No Maintenance Costs
It has no consumables, the parts have a long service life and require almost no maintenance.

Alldo Tech UV laser marking machine marks images, date, logo, QR codes, text graphics, etc, for  industries like advertising, tourism, packaging, furniture, plastic, gift and customization industries. Our crystal laser adopts integrated design.

It comes in portable size, therefore, you do not have to worry about your machine taking up space. The crystal laser comes with a cooling system, hence, no overheating that can damage your machine. Low power consumption and long lasting laser engraver. The crystal engraving price is very affordable.

Feedback from Our Clients

I ordered a UV laser and I was able to do a crystal engraving on gift items for my gift shop. I received the order very quickly. The customer service was amazing and technicians were quite understanding when I called back to report an error. They took the time to listen and understand my complaint.

Jessica T

I have used this company for a couple of years. Never had a problem using the 3D crystal engraving machine.

Ann C

I received my crystal laser engraving machine  order from Allo Tech quicker than the time estimated the picture was amazing.

David Ricardo

Absolutely love this subsurface laser engraving machine. The base led light just sets it off even better. There are no words to describe how everyone that has seen it loves it. People are asking where to get one.


The photo crystal laser glass engraving machine price from Alldo Tech is just perfect.

Kirk S

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