Aluminum Laser Engraving Machine

Alldo Tech laser engraving and marking machine for steel, gold, copper, aluminum, brass

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  • Aluminum marking and engraving
  • Aluminum marking and engraving
  • Aluminum marking and engraving
  • Aluminum marking and engraving
  • Aluminum marking and engraving

Aluminium laser engraving machines are a great way of marking on anodized aluminium. A fiber laser and a CO2 laser are both capable of marking an anodized aluminium, but they mark varying colours on the layer. The CO2 laser produces a great contrast and a nice engraving, a fiber laser on the other hand is highly effective in marking anodized aluminium.

In several cases, aluminium laser engraving machines remove the coating on the aluminum by vaporizing it away. The chemistry that affects the surface of the aluminum after marking is that a naturally occurring oxide forms on the exposed surface of the aluminum substrate after marking. There are 3 types of laser marks that can be performed on aluminium. They are engraving, ablation (removing an anodized coating or chemical film), and dark marking.

Aluminium laser engraving machine gives you lots of opportunity to make unique and interesting permanent marks but it also requires an understanding of the marking system and the material. With 15+ years of aluminum laser marking experience, Allo Tech can help you create the look and feel you need to make your aluminum parts as attractive as they can be.

Aluminum marking and engraving

Provide you with one-to-one sample testing service to check the quality of our equipment

What Machines You Can Choose

  • Stationary Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Stationary fiber laser marking machine AT-STF01

The stationary fiber laser can mark aluminium tags and other material tags for a lot of industries. This machine is trusted for enhanced marking with low power consumption. The working is suitable for office use.

  • Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Desktop fiber laser marking machine AT-DIF01

The desktop laser marking machine is a high speed and accurate machine that can meet all marking needs on aluminium. The desktop design makes it easily applicable for busy work space. It requires zero maintenance cost.

  • Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Handheld fiber laser marking machine AT-HF01

The handheld fiber laser machine is a highly innovative, cost effective and easy to use marking machine on a variety of metals and nonmetals. This machine maintains high quality and accurate marking after many applications.

  • Split Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Split fiber laser marking machine AT-SPF02

The split fiber laser machine is designed to work at a high speed when marking aluminium. This laser machine is versatile, this marks other materials other than metals. It is best suited for automated production.

  • Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Flying fiber laser marking machine AT-FF01

The flying laser marking machine can make permanent and readable marks on a wide range of materials. This machine uses 20W to 50W laser power for marking on materials. It requires no consumables or ink.

  • Swing Arm Laser Marking Machine

Swing arm fiber laser marking machine AT-SAF01

The swing arm fiber laser has remarkable industrial application. Its technology makes it easy to mark on aluminium and other metals in a busy work environment. This machine makes use of no inks or pollution.

Don’t Know How to Choose the Aluminum Laser Engraving Machine?

Choose the Top Technology for Aluminum Marking and Engraving

High Speed & Stability
Achieving a marking speed of 8000mm per second, the marking will not freeze, and its stability.

Competitive Prices
Alldo Tech is a manufacturer with a competitive price and accepts worldwide agents.

Custom Different Depth
The standard equipment configuration can achieve a marking depth of 0.6mm.

No Maintenance Costs
It has no consumables, the parts have a long service life and require almost no maintenance.

Our laser is very flexible in marking all types of content such as serial numbers, data matrix codes, and other variable content. Your natural anodized aluminium can be marked from grey to black. Marks directly with no cost for supplies like ink, or other chemical substances.

You do not have to dispose of any waste materials after using for your production. Our laser marking machines cross the boundaries of traditional marking and use a relatively new class of extremely user-friendly and convenient marking technologies.

Feedback from Our Clients

This is my first Alldo Tech purchase and I am a newbie to Alldo Tech. I found the assembly easy and the instructions clear. I have used the machine to  engrave bare aluminium panels for my Flight Simulator and I am very satisfied with it; its accuracy is not 100% perfect but for what I am doing it suits me fine.

Micheal Richards

Alldo Tech fiber laser gave us what we really wanted. Our company specialises on QR codes, text graphics, portrait images, and serial numbers. We found exactly what we were looking for in Alldo Tech fiber laser engraver.

Lorine Catwall

Ever since we started our business nearly five decades ago, we needed modern, well designed laser marking machines to meet our ever increasing demands. We got to know about Alldo Tech laser marking machines, we were able to meet our goals of meeting increasing demands.

Boris Ledlum

High quality machine. This is a great seller, willing to answer any questions and help with anything even after the sale. I have had this laser for about three months now and am very happy with it. I am looking to order another lens to focus the intensity in a smaller area to achieve deeper engraving aluminium depths faster for certain applications. Also here are just a few examples of what I’ve done with this laser.


This is a very good laser engraver for anodized aluminium. The software is easy to understand and navigate. I would definitely purchase more in the future.

Doug B

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