QR Code Laser Engraving Machine for Metals and Non Metals Marking

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We Know How

  • QR code laser marking and engraving
  • QR code laser marking and engraving
  • QR code laser marking and engraving
  • QR code laser marking and engraving
  • QR code laser marking and engraving
  • QR code laser marking and engraving

QR (Quick Response) codes consists of a square display with dark blocks along both sides. QR codes are new 2D barcodes that can be read using reader applications on smartphones including Apple iPhone and iPad and android phones. QR codes are becoming a standard for product identification. The QR code can link to a URL address such as a facebook page, YouTube channel or company website.

QR codes is one of the many applications that can be created using a QR code laser engraving system. QR code laser engraving is done at a very high speed and the marks are simple to create. With specialized laser marking software, QR codes laser engraving systems can directly mark QR Codes onto products made of almost any material.

With the explosion of SmartPhones, QR codes are common, and they can be  scanned by anyone. The number and quality of applications reading these codes grows daily, this means more businesses will find ways to apply the codes more permanently. Laser engraving QR codes are capable of engraving high quality QR codes that can be easily scanned.

QR code laser marking and engraving

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What Machines You Can Choose

  • Stationary Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Stationary fiber laser marking machine AT-STF01

The stationary fiber laser machine is suitable for marking QR codes and other identifications on metals and nonmetals. It makes high precision marks without consuming much power. It can serve industrial and small marking purposes.

  • Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Handheld fiber laser marking machine AT-HF01

The handheld fiber laser marking machine creates powerful and accurate marks of any type of identification on metal and nonmetal materials. This machine is cost effective. The speed of marking helps cut down production time.

  • Stationary CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Stationary co2 laser marking machine AT-SPC-1

The stationary co2 laser machine is designed to make any identification marks on metals and nonmetals. It’s high marking speed makes it save production time. Easy to maintain and serves a long period of use.

  • Split Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Split fiber laser marking machine AT-SPF01E

The split fiber laser marking machine can create all forms of identification on thin and soft metal parts. The speed of marking makes it save production time. Its compact feature is suitables for moving around.

  • Desktop Laser Marking Machine

Desktop fiber laser marking machine AT-DF04E

The desktop fiber laser marking machine is best for making accurate identification marks on production materials. It is safe to make large scale marks for industries and small markings. It works for long busy hours.

  • Split UV Laser Marking Machine

Split UV laser marking machine AT-SPUV-1

The split UV laser marking machine is a special marking machine created to make high precision marks on production materials such as glass, etc. This machine is a size that is easy to move around.

Don’t Know How to Choose the QR Code Laser Engraving Machine?

Choose the Top Technology for QR Code Marking and Engraving

High Speed & Stability
Achieving a marking speed of 8000mm per second, the marking will not freeze, and its stability.

Competitive Prices
Alldo Tech is a manufacturer with a competitive price and accepts worldwide agents.

Custom Different Depth
The standard equipment configuration can achieve a marking depth of 0.6mm.

No Maintenance Costs
It has no consumables, the parts have a long service life and require almost no maintenance.

QR code laser marking offers permanent, fast and programmable QR code engravings on your material. When you use our QR code laser machine, a large population can reach you and your products within a short time, simply because QR coding system allows traceability. Our engraving machine comes with a user-friendly software and you can engrave your 2D QR code on any material.

Alldo Tech QR code engravers are ecologically friendly since the laser marking procedure does not use solvents. Using a QR code engraving machine to mark your product, your clients have the advantage of a wide range of information within a short  time. Alldo Tech QR code engraving machines are affordable, and cost efficient. You can engrave your material in seconds with great results.

Feedback from Our Clients

My friend and I thought of a QR code marking machine for our product. I never thought we could mark codes on materials.


 I’m surprised I can mark QR code on glass. Ever since I discovered, there is no stopping me.


Laser engraved QR code on our plastics is all we need to get our clients more involved. Alldo Tech engraving machine did that.


The barcode laser engraving machine works well for the price.

N. Dub

I have a commercial laser engraver where small toy makers use on their products. They have never been disappointed, if they are not disappointed, then I’m not.

Nathan L.

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