Flying CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Alldo flying CO2 laser marking machine img
co2 laser marking machine for leather img 2
co2 laser marking machine for keyboard
co2 laser marking machine for wood img
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Alldo flying CO2 laser marking machine img
co2 laser marking machine for leather img 2
co2 laser marking machine for keyboard
co2 laser marking machine for wood img
co2 laser marking machine for glass cup img 2
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Flying CO2 laser marking machine is designed for direct marking of wood, leather, plastic, fabric, acrylic, paper, MDF, marble, PVC, etc.

Alldo flying CO2 laser marking machine is a machine that will serve you regardless of the application conditions. The flying CO2 laser marking machine is created with the latest technology that is easily applicable to make your company stand out. When shopping, you have to ensure that you invest in a product that is not only affordable, but durable enough to help you save money on the long run. The flying CO2 laser marking machine is used by several companies and they can’t help but leave positive remarks.

Type: Flying CO2 laser
Model: AT-FC-1
Laser power: 20W/30W
Power supply: AC220V/50HZ
Marking speed: ≤13000mm/s
Marking area: 110x110mm
Lifting stroke: 550mm
Cooling method: Circulating air cooling
Positioning method: Red ray positioning
Controller: Flight-specific (touch)
Dimensions: 600*550*1450mm
  • This thing is the best for scratching plastics and other normal laser materials. This surmises you won’t have to spend on various events for a portion of the various applications to finish the work. With this checking machine, you complete all your work effortlessly.
  • Our things are intentionally made to meet the dynamic yet complex client solicitations. Despite the possibility of the activity waiting be done, you don’t have to worry over re-organizing.
  • The speed is phenomenal, and we work reliably to ensure that our clients get a smooth application experience. We appreciate that you are planning to get more clients and order most bits of the market.
  • The most ideal approach to achieve this is the time when you can get it done as fast as could be normal in light of the current situation.
  •  Alldo Tech creates fly CO2 laser marking machine that perform strongly to keep you up with the level of competition. Our experts are ceaselessly tackling isolating you from the test through both speed and prohibitive exactness.
  • The appearance on theory is the reasons associations are started. With our laser checking machine, you can save and build the piles of advantages since we don’t sell them excessively. The features are totally improved, and they go with amazing parts that are planned to serve for an extremely prolonged stretch of time possible.
  •  At Alldo Tech, we acknowledge that you conceivably exploit an advantage in case it is strong and doesn’t take up help cost from the pay created. This is the explanation you have to trust in our things and make your hypothesis while the stock continues onward.
  • Start our laser checking machines that land in a littler arrangement for straightforward storing and pass on capacity. This is essentially energized by how contraptions are diminishing, and there is no convincing motivation to move around with enormous machines.
  • Our fly CO2 laser marking equipment is made to fit in the little space in your work locale. Far and away superior, if you have some work to do remotely, you can without a lot of a stretch fit the checking machine in the capacity compartment of your vehicle and move with it to your new workstation. Note that we are enthused about nuances so you won’t have to worry over delicate parts getting spoilt amidst transportation.
  • Your association will then achieve its cutting goals with our things that are uncommonly settled to cut and stamp even thick materials. You won’t have to contribute a huge amount of vitality endeavoring to achieve a recommendable level of exactness as we impact the best development in our gathering methodology.
  • Most fly CO2 laser marker out there are not incredibly made, and paying little heed to whether they are, we for the most part complete our work to keep up our level of creativity to take care of extraordinary, included associates with associations that rely upon us for quality.

The Final Thought

The laser stepping industry is special. You continually ought to use the best things to win the dedication of clients. While doing this, the particular gathering needs to liaise with various players, so they get some answers concerning the new changes before organizing them in the collecting system. In Alldo Tech, this is our key objective.

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