Electronic Components Laser Marking Machine

Top technology Alldo Tech laser engraving and marking machine for electronic components

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  • Electronic components laser marking
  • Electronic components laser marking
  • Electronic components laser marking
  • Electronic components laser marking
  • Electronic components laser marking
  • Electronic components laser marking

Electronics and semiconductor industry produce in mass and they usually require laser marking on electronic components. In order to keep up with mass production and product identification, electronic components laser marking is essential. Many parts, such as SMD components, are very small and need to be labeled with a lot of information. For this reason, complex 2D Data Matrix codes are used, which must be permanent and easy to read.

Laser marking on electronic components is the perfect process that can work on precise sizes and not damage the surrounding material in any way. This is because it is a non-contact process, this means that it does not affect anything it is not targeting. This is important in an industry where electronics are made up of hundreds of parts, and it’s important to know that they have maintained their high quality.

Other parts that are laser marked on electronic components are printed circuit boards, housing units, SMD components and component strips. These parts and pieces are typically made up of both metal and other materials, such as plastic, and a good benefit of lasers is that they can easily work with a variety of materials with ease.

Electronic components laser marking

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What Machines You Can Choose

  • Stationary Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Stationary fiber laser marking machine AT-STF01

The stationary fiber laser is created to mark electronic components and other metals. It uses a scanning process that consumes less power when marking on materials. It has a high precision system for quality marking.

  • Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Handheld fiber laser marking machine AT-HF01

The handheld fiber laser marking machine is a new technology that is suitable for accurate marking electronic components and other materials. It is easy to apply on many materials. It provides a cost effective production.

  • Portable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Desktop fiber laser marking machine AT-DIF01

The portable fiber laser marking machine is portable and suitable for making high quality marks on electronic components and other metal products. It is capable of easy remote marking. Good for commercial and office use.

  • Split Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Split fiber laser marking machine AT-SPF02

The split fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking electronic components, nonmetals and other types of metal for industrial and office productions. The laser comes in a design that makes it easy to transport.

  • Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Flying fiber laser marking machine AT-FF01

The flying fiber laser machine is right for making permanent marks on electronic components, nonmetals and other metals. It gives quality marking results that are readable. It is fast and saves time of production.

  • Desktop Laser Marking Machine

Desktop laser marking machine AT-DF03

The desktop fiber laser machine is a silent operation and zero-maintenance machine that is ideal for making long lasting marks on electronic components and other materials. It is ideal for marking in a busy workplace.

Don’t Know How to Choose the Electronic Components Laser Marking Machine?

Choose the Top Technology for Electronic Components Marking

High Speed & Stability
Achieving a marking speed of 8000mm per second, the marking will not freeze, and its stability.

Competitive Prices
Alldo Tech is a manufacturer with a competitive price and accepts worldwide agents.

Custom Different Depth
The standard equipment configuration can achieve a marking depth of 0.6mm.

No Maintenance Costs
It has no consumables, the parts have a long service life and require almost no maintenance.

Laser marker from Alldo Tech has the advantage of being fast and free of maintenance costs, guaranteeing productivity and quality, essential factors in a mass production sector like the electronics industry.

Laser marking on electronic components is permanent and it is ideal for marking texts, logos, data matrices, barcodes and much more on any material in a flexible, quality and fast way. Your product traceability is always guaranteed since laser marking is permanent on metals. Laser marking your electronic components is a fast process, offering you quality.

Feedback from Our Clients

We have been able to tackle the challenge of tracking our electronic components after laser marking.

Jay P

Laser marker from Alldo Tech works great, you do not need to worry about consumables.


The machine is still working really nice.


The machine price is unbelievable, so not expensive.


We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the logo and barcode marks produced by the laser marker.

Marks P

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